Live in France, as you dreamed it.

Vive La France !
Live La France !

Do you want to discover France differently and meet the real locals in France ? Experience an original adventure ? Do you want YOUR FRANCE to be ... unique, surprising, with human warmth ?

The French way of life will soon hold no secrets for you.

Our small company promises you unexpected and great encounters, as soon as you arrive in France.

Discover a hidden side of France that is more authentic, and welcoming.

Everything you dreamed of.

And if you want to complete this approach, you can choose to discover your program at the last moment...

La France, you visit it or you live it !

Are you ready to choose the roads less travelled, and not to stay only in Paris ?

You will love where we take you !
You will love your Frenchies !

We are an innovative Tour operator in France

Our Values

Meeting people is a treasure

Experiencing the French culture is an opportunity

Imperfections and life's chances are accepted

Kindness & smiles

Originality & authenticity

About us !

We are a human & innovative tour operator in France.
We organize tailor-sized stays, bespoke trips, based on shared activities with French people. We are based in Western France. You can trust us to create an original and unexpected stay for you. From Paris to …….. a surprise region !


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Creation of human language
Invention of writing
Construction of the Eiffel Tower
Creation of

An innovative & human french tour operator

Your stay in a few words

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Discover the World, one Full Adventure at a Time!

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